Burera constructing homes for Rwandan returnees

Posted on 08 March 2014

Residents of Gatebe sector in Burera District started construction of houses for Rwandans evicted from Tanzania mid last year; the project started March 5th 2014 and is expected to be completed at the end of March 2014

 Residents working on house construction

Residents working on house construction  

These local residents divided their labour , some fetching water, others making bricks, others laying foundation to start building houses.

 The locals are doing this through community work, supporting the Rwandans who were expelled from Tanzania to have homes and places of their own before end of March.

In a one day community work the residents started the construction of one house, laid foundation of 2 houses and laid 1348 bricks.

They also contributed 2,873 kilograms of beans for the well being of the Rwandan returnees residing in the sector.

 Residents laid 1348 bricks among other things in one day

Residents laid 1348 bricks among other things in one day

Burera district received 29 families of the Rwandan returnees who were living in Kiyanzi and Rukara Refugee Camps. These families will be settled in Rusarabuye, Bungwe, Gatebe and Rwerere sectors in Burera district.

According to Florence Uwambajemariya the vice mayor for social affairs in the district, the construction projects for all Rwandan returnees started in all sectors they are to be settled in.

The vice mayor says the houses for the Rwandan returnees will be built in the month of March 2014 and be completed especially with the rainy season setting in by April.

Uwambajemariya also explains that the Rwandan returnees will be settled in the 4 sectors only because it is where the government owns land. These sectors also have access to infrastructure that will be of help to these Rwandan returnees to settle in.

The 29 families who were brought to Burera district were at first temporarily settled in Nemba sector with 12 families with 42 members and other 17 families with 37 members were temporarily in Rwerere sector.

These 29 families in Burera district are part of the 14000 Rwandans who were chased from Tanzania in June 2013. These people are slowly being settled in different districts of the country and stop being called refugees in their country.

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