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Burera: Village settlement program, Residents’ Development

Posted on 19 February 2013

Burera District administration has urged residents to shift and settle in village settlements so as to easily access infrastructures such as electricity and other favorable social services like water, education and medical care.

The administration says this while residents from different sectors of Burera District are requesting local authorities to extend electricity to these areas so that residents attain a required development.

The vice mayor for economic affairs in Burera district, Joseph Zaraduhaye explains that Burera residents should live in village settlements if they want to have access to electricity.

“Electricity goes with good housing; we cannot extend power to every part that has people. It’s easier when people are together but not scattered,” he adds.  .

For residents to access electricity it depends on the district budget for that project or residents come together and contribute enough money to buy the electricity.

The district administration reveals that 7.9 percent of Burera residents have gained access to electricity and its planned in 2012-2013 performance contracts to increase the number to 12.1percent.

Zaraduhaye assures residents that the district has a set plan to extend electricity to all residents in future.

Those who have electricity are advised to use it well so as to develop socially and economically.




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