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Houses in Kanembwe village

Rubavu: district plans to build 10 houses for high risk zone dwellers

Posted on 16 October 2014

Klarisse Izabayo, executive secretary of Rubavu sector Samuel has revealed that 10 homes will be constructed for residents relocated in high risk zones. Izabayo said that Rubavu district has allocated Rwf20 million from its budget to build houses for more 10 vulnerable families that were relocated in high risk zones. Among the 160 families who […]

m_LISP staff aid Tanzania returnees42

Nyagatare: LISP staff aid Tanzania returnees

Posted on 01 October 2014

Employees of Livestock Infrastructure Support Program (LISP) donated clothes and food stuffs all worth Rwf2m to 29 households of Rwandans evicted from Tanzania. The items given to returnees included: maize flour, beans, cooking oil, salt and clothings all worth Rwf2 million to the 29 families of Rwandan returnees. “We found it necessary to render a […]

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For Rwandan coffee farmers, a cent means a lot

Posted on 25 September 2014

You could be in London, New York, Sydney or Johannesburg, enjoying a cup of premium coffee; say an aromatic cappuccino or a espresso. As you take a sip on the emotionally evoking crashed bean, think of Jonas Nsanzumuhire, a 28 year-old Rwandan coffee farmer from a remote village in Gakenke district of Northern Rwanda. Nsanzumuhire […]

m_Vision Umurenge Program pushes for social-economic development

Nyamasheke: Vision Umurenge Program pushes for social-economic development

Posted on 25 September 2014

Residents of Jarama cell of Gihombo sector in Nyamasheke district have extolled Umurenge Vision Program (VUP) for being an answer to social and economic development. Gihombo sector was one of the poorest sectors and that’s why it was given the first priority when VUP started. At that time, many residents were below poverty line but […]

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Nyamasheke: VUP yakuye abaturage mu bukene bukabije

Posted on 24 September 2014

Abaturage batuye mu murenge wa Gihombo mu karere ka Nyamasheke, bavuga ko basubiye kuba abantu  bafite agaciro nyuma y’uko umushinga ufasha abakene batishoboye VUP uhagereye. Ibi babitangaje mu kiganiro bagiranye n’umuyobozi w’akarere kuri uyu wa mbere tariki ya 22 Nzeri 2014 mu murenge wa Gihombo. Kajabo Chadrack ni umwe mu basaza bakuze uhabwa amafaranga y’ingoboka […]


Rusizi: Inclusion of persons with disabilities is key

Posted on 05 September 2014

Local authorities in Rusizi district are called on inclusion of persons to with disabilities in all public offices as a way of facilitating them attain sustainable development. “Employing persons to with disabilities in different sectors increases their value in the society and is one way of enabling them to achieve fast development,” said Romalis Niyomugabo,president […]

VUP uplifts residents out of poverty

Gakenke: VUP uplifts residents out of poverty

Posted on 04 September 2014

  Some of the residents in Rukore cell in Cyabingo sectorof Gakenke district have revealed that they have developed socially after Vision Umurenge Program (VUP) uplifted them from poverty. “I was below the poverty line without food and clothes, but because of direct support, my social condition improved and I was able to purchase a […]

association of persons with disabilities

Nyanza: association of persons with disabilities changing lives

Posted on 04 September 2014

Tuzamurane is an association that brings together over 54 persons living with disabilities in Muyira sector of Nyanza district in the Southern Province. The association encourages members to engage in selling Irish potatoes and the efforts are changing the lives of members. With special thanks to Tuzamurane association that provided assistance to association members. Marie […]

Camping is another common service on offer in the Akagera National Park

When lions finally come, Akagera park will never be the same

Posted on 04 September 2014

Charlene Jendry, an American conservationist, made a maiden visit to Rwanda in 1990. She toured Akagera National Park, Rwanda’s high-end touristic destination. The mighty lions, the Kings of the Jungle, were the prime tourist attractions. Jendry traversed through the lions’ den of 300. She stayed at Gabiro Guest House, a magnificent safari lodge, built right […]

Why Kagame's miracle has been possible for Rwanda

Critics are angry, but ordinary Rwandans prefer Kagame style of leadership

Posted on 03 August 2014

In 2005, a local businessman was contracted to build a road in Muhanga district, Southern Rwanda. The contractor would employ hundreds of villagers. The contractor had one thing in mind; completing the project with in the shortest period possible. The laborers were put on grueling pressure for the next six months straight. The elderly almost […]

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