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Gakenke: VUP uplifts residents out of poverty

Posted on 04 September 2014

VUP uplifts residents out of poverty

Wenisilas Karekezi and his wife Nisarume Kanziga purchased a cow from
direct support they receive every month


Some of the residents in Rukore cell in Cyabingo sectorof Gakenke district have revealed that they have developed socially after Vision Umurenge Program (VUP) uplifted them from poverty.

“I was below the poverty line without food and clothes, but because of direct support, my social condition improved and I was able to purchase a cow,” says Wenisilas Karekezi, a 78 beneficiary in Rukore cell in Cyabingo sector revealed

While emphasizing the importance of direct support, some beneficiaries revealed to this website that without it; they had no hope for the future since they were too old to work for food or money to cater for other needs.

Nisarume Kanziga, wife to Wenisilas Karekezi also explained that their lives have changed ever since they became direct support beneficiaries.

“We had almost nothing and we were close to getting malnourished because of hunger. But we have food and clothing now, thanks to VUP, we are okay,” she added.

Rachel Nyiramirimo, in charge of VUP in Gakenke district said that VUP is a government programme aiming at improving the lives of vulnerable residents in Rwanda.

“There are six categories of Ubudehe and Umurenge vision program that supports the first two categories of the poorest residents. Such residents are enabled to get food and clothing through components of VUP program,” she said.

Direct support beneficiaries get Rwf7500, two people get Rwf12000 and a family of 5 people receives Rwf21.000 every month.

Umurenge 2020 programme works in 14 sectors of Gakenke district and direct support goes to over 5000 residents in this district.

Vision 2020 Umurenge Programme (VUP) is an integrated local development program to accelerate poverty eradication, rural growth, and social protection. It’s an initiative by the government in collaboration with development partners.

VUP has three components; Direct support where cash is transferred to the poorest households unable to work, Public works where poor residents are employed and financial services where residents are trained and given credit to set up projects.


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