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Gatsibo. Girinka Program donates cows to 18 families

Posted on 23 February 2014

Girinka Program donates cows to 18 families

Families that receive cows have to fulfill the condition of giving out the first calf to the next neighbor

Kageyo sector residents on this Friday 21st, 02, 2014 saw the Good Governance Month Program starting with 18 families receiving cows from Girinka program.

Girinka program was initiated back in 2006 and aims at giving cows to poor Rwandan families who in turn have to give back the first calf the cow produces to the immediate neighbor and keep promoting the program.

Girinka program aims at promoting nutrition in poor families through drinking milk, boosting crop production through provision of manure as well as economic development through the selling of the milk and the calves born of the cow. However, this program is strictly against selling the cow given.

The Kageyo sector residents say they admit to the presence of good governance especially with the socio-economic changes they have experienced since they were given exotic cows to rear for nothing by the president of Rwanda in Girinka program.

Kageyo sector was in this function having a governance clinic where local people and their leaders sit down together and discuss the issues affecting their community like injustices, land and domestic conflicts.

The veterinary doctor of Kageyo sector Erneste Nsigayehe says Girinka program has helped many people realize their dreams through developing them economically, improving their social and nutrition welfare.

These 18 cows that were given out during the good governance program were provided by the Rwanda Agriculture Board (RAB).

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