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Gisagara: Elderly cooperative invests in commercial house

Posted on 19 February 2014

A commercial house built by the cooperative

A commercial house built by the cooperative

The cooperative of the elderly in Kansi sector in Gisagara district has built a commercial house to help them take care of their social needs in old age.

This comes after the poor and elderly residents contributed from the money earned as financial support in Vision Umurenge Program (VUP).

Talking to, cooperative members revealed that the move is aimed at creating a source of income that will support them in case the financial support from VUP stops.

Alexandre Hakizimana, who lives with her mother who is 92 years old, thanks the government for the financial support through VUP program.

He says that the money directed to poor residents and elderly helps her as a beneficiary to take care of her old mother.

Christianne Mukabutare, 86 is one of the cooperative members

Christianne Mukabutare, 86 is one of the cooperative members 

Christianne Mukabutare, a resident of Kansi sector asserts that VUP financial support has helped stay young and healthy because staying at home had made her lose hope for the future.

She says: “I am grateful to President Paul Kagame who remembers every social class of residents.VUP support made most of us to be hopeful again, dress well and interact with others in society.”

The executive secretary of Gisagara district Innocent Mvukiyehe commended VUP urging cooperative members to protect the house and make use of it for social economic development.

Innocent Mvukiyehe added that the district administration will continue to advise them in their efforts to achieve their goals.

He says: “This is great achievement to the cooperative but the struggle is not over yet. They have to protect their property and use it to acquire more properties”.

The commercial house cost Rwf2.6 million and will be rented by entrepreneurs where the money will be deposited to the cooperatives account.

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