Gisagara: Gishubi sector recommended for stable security

Posted on 12 February 2013


 The District Authorities in Gisagara have pointed out Gishubi sector as the most outstanding and stable in security matters in all 13 sectors of the District, saying the local participation has maintained security in the last 5 years. 

Gishubi sector is one of the poorest sectors in the district but it is on development track with people oriented infrastructures and projects and especially in agriculture.


Gisagara: Gishubi sector recommended for stable security

Maj. Gen. Mubarak Muganga


The sector now has access to electricity, clean water, good communication network, schools and financial institutions and stable security all setting it for a lasting development.

Maj. Gen. Mubarak Muganga the army leader in the Southern Province of Rwanda appreciated Gishubi sector’s security policies unlike the other sectors in the district. Among many complaints and insecurities they always receive, this sector is the most secure one.

Maj. Gen. Mubarak Muganga promised physical support to the sector in whatever project they will need it and unending support in terms of security of the sector.

“I really appreciate the way you maintain your security, anytime that you will need physical support in projects like road construction, community work, be assured of our support. We will be there also to make sure you have security so as to achieve your development.” Maj. Gen. Mubarak Muganga was quoted.

Alphonse Munyentwali who had visited Gisagara district reminded residents of Gishubi sector that all their achievements including stable security is due to good governance and they have to make use of it and attain development.

“Our achievements including security, infrastructure, developmental projects and others are because there is good governance. This is the reason we have to work harder and develop ourselves instead of feeling that being secure is enough.”

Residents of Gishubi sector work together in maintaining their security by passing information and making night patrols. There is however land issues that will be solved sooner.


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