Gisagara offers special attention to people with mental illnesses

Posted on 08 March 2014

Gisagara offers special attention to people with mental illnesses

Administration of Gisagara District is ready to provide medical treatment to the mentally ill persons and take others to mental hospitals following complains that such people contribute to insecurity and involve in several crimes.

Mayor of Gisagara District Léandre Karekezi on Monday the 3rd, 03, 2014, said in a press conference that people with mental illness are being identified to be treated and for others to be sent to mental hospitals for the treatment.

Some of the reasons to the increase of mental illness in the Gisagara district are drug abuse and toxic local brews that make people lose their sanity.

Most of the people with such issues are taken to a Correctional Center in Gikonko sector to be helped stop the drug addictions and others who do not stop addiction in time get mental illness.

 “Some of the local brew is toxic and poisons people’s minds, makes some people violent and others go insane, they are totally addictive” explains Innocent Kamana a resident of Save sector.

Léandre Karekezi says the issue with drugs and toxic local brews that makes people go insane is being worked on with the programs to eradicate drug use in the district. “There have been changes in some sectors of the district; drugs are being eradicated as well as such toxic brew.”

Gisagara district intends to have made a strong stand towards people with mental illnesses, to be helped in one way or the other especially with medical treatment.

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