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Musanze: Cooperatives improve the standard of living

Posted on 23 February 2013

Cooperatives improve the standard of living

Some of the members demonstrating the process of soap making

Forming a cooperative has uplifted our standards of living, members of ‘Abanyamurava’ women’s cooperative (with four men) in Cyuve sector in Musanze district have remarked.

‘Abanyamurava’ cooperative started as an association with 12 members but now comprised of 35 members including widows, orphans and people living with HIV/Aids, explains Sawiya Nyirasafari one of the members.

She notes that: “Being in a cooperative is a good thing; we now manage mutual health insurance and paying our children’s school fees even at university level.”

Cooperatives improve the standard of living2

Asiya Nyiramajyambere, president of the cooperative confirms that achieving their goals required them to remain creative giving an example of how they started with meat business and later started soap making project.

“We have started growing mushrooms project and we plan to start the process of drying mushrooms as a way of preserving them,” she adds.

Though the cooperative owns houses worth Rwf60 million and 900 beneficiaries in Musanze district, members plan to extend their activities in other sectors of the district.


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