Nyabihu thrives in Girinka Program

Posted on 30 June 2014

It has been 8 years since the initiation of Girinka Program in Rwanda and it has changed the lives of many people. In Nyabihu district, this program has seen about 4, 000 cows distributed to the people, with whom they social welfare have changed for the better and poverty has been eradicated.

m_Nyabihu thrives in Girinka Program

Laurence Nyiramuhire says her lifestyles testifies to the change Girinka brought

With Girinka Program, local people have managed to fight malnutrition in their families, boosted their farming with manure and developed them economically and socially.

For Laurence Nyiramuhire, receiving a cow in Girinka Program three years ago was the blessing she was waiting for to break through her poverty and lead a normal, healthy and financially free life.

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Girinka program has helped in poverty reduction and socio-economic improvement in the people

Laurence Nyiramuhire a Genocide survivor who resides in Mukamira Sector received a cow 3 years ago. Her cow is milked 7 liters daily, the family drinks some and she sells the remaining. Just like many of other Nyabihu residents, she will always be grateful to Girinka program.

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Nyabihu district has distributed almost 4000 cows in its people

Since 2006 when the president of Rwanda H.E Paul Kagame initiated it as a poverty strategy, 3, 520 cows have been distributed in Nyabihu district specifically in Girinka program.

According to Eugene Shingiro the veterinary officer of Nyabihu district, 540 cows were distributed in fiscal year 2013/2014. 400 cows of the distributed cows in 2013/2014 are from people who are giving back to the community that gave them in the first time.

Nyabihu district has registered development, poverty reduction and socio-economic improvement in its people for the last 8 years after the initiation of Girinka program.

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