Nyamasheke: VUP Program to benefit Kagano sector’s poor residents

Posted on 30 June 2014

The vulnerable and poor especially the elderly residents of Kagano sector of Nyamasheke district are in the weekly registration program to benefit in the VUP (Vision Umurenge Program).

m_VUP Program to benefit Kagano sector’s poor residents

VUP program employs local people in social works projects that develop the country

The VUP Program is part of Poverty reduction strategies set by the government of Rwanda. It gives employment to poor but strong people in social works and provides beneficiary funds to the weary towards improving their social-economical situations.

The local residents of Kagina sector in the 1st and 2nd classes of extreme poverty in Ubudehe Social Stratification classes will be receiving the funds.

Verena Mukaruhamya is one the VUP Program beneficiaries and she hopes to improve her eating habits with the money. “I will be eating better and I will be strong and not sickly as I have been in the past, I will renovate my house and even buy livestock to rear.”

According to David Hatangimana the coordinator of VUP program in Rangiro and Bushenge sectors, the beneficiary funds given to the vulnerable people improves their health and takes them out of poverty.

“VUP programs provide employment to the strong but poor people in projects that develop the country and for the weak, they receive the beneficiary’s funds to ensure they get out of poverty any way possible,” he explains.

A family receives Rwf7, 500 that increases depending on the number of family members. A family of 5 members receive Rwf21 000 monthly.

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