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Nyanza: association of persons with disabilities changing lives

Posted on 04 September 2014

Tuzamurane is an association that brings together over 54 persons living with disabilities in Muyira sector of Nyanza district in the Southern Province. The association encourages members to engage in selling Irish potatoes and the efforts are changing the lives of members.

association of persons with disabilities

Some of the members of “Tuzamurane” association in Muyira sector during the training

With special thanks to Tuzamurane association that provided assistance to association members. Marie Louise Umulisa, a member says that the power of working as a team brings fast development among the members of the association.

She used to earn a living through begging.Today, Marie Louise Umulisa is able to provide for his family through taking advantage of the benefits of cooperative.

She says “None of us has been seen again begging in Muyira trading centre. People now look at us as solutions not problems,” she added.

François Habanabakize, the chairman of Tuzamurane association confirms that life was very difficult for them as they depended on begging from shops and passersby.

“I remember, we could line up at sector offices to have health insurance paid for us. After forming an association, life is different as today we can easily pay for our mutual health insurance without asking for any help,” He said.

Commenting on how the idea comes in Habanabakize explained that every member contributed equal amount and we invested it in selling Irish potatoes. In just ten months’ time, our lives have been transformed due to the benefits of working together.

Mr. Jean d’Amour Gahunde, coordinator of National council for persons with disabilities in Muyira sector says that people with disabilities now take care of the families through hard work rather than begging.

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