Nyanza: Prostitutes in Nyanza give up and seek help

Posted on 29 January 2012

Over 107 women and girls in Nyanza district will be helped to start up small income generating projects to help them quit prostitution.

Nyanza Prostitutes in Nyanza 


Photo: Ex-prostitutes


These women acknowledge to have spent over 23 years doing prostitution and have not gained anything other than being robbed by clients, beaten and worst getting infected with HIV viruses.


Karame Claude the coordinator of the committee in charge of fighting AIDS in Nyanza district met these women and girls and reminded them the risks of being infected with AIDS.

Nyanza Prostitutes in


Photo: Ex-prostitutes


The meeting was held following complaints by former prostitutes requesting  authorities to help them get out poverty and quit prostitution.


One of them said, “Am tired of sleeping with men. What have I gained from ten years in prostitution? Nothing other than getting infected with AIDS.”




Karame Claude in charge of fighting AIDS in the district pledged to seek for support and help ex-prostitutes start up projects. But they will have to be trained on cooperatives forst.






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