Ruhango district to provide white canes for the visually impaired

Posted on 25 October 2013

m_Ruhango district to provide white canes for the visually impaired

Ruhango district authorities have pledged to provide white canes to the visually impaired members of the community.

The district made the pledge during the white cane day celebrations. The day was celebrated for the fifth consecutive time in Rwanda.

According to the Vice Mayor in charge of Finance and Economic Development Epimaque Twagirimana on top of providing white canes, residents will also be advised against stigmatizing visually impaired people.

Though the white cane is a guide for the visually impaired, they assert that many Rwandans are ignorant about its use, which puts the visually impaired at risk, especially when crossing the road.

The visually impaired said they still undergo verbal abuse and discrimination. They called upon the district to sensitise people about accepting them in society.

“Visual disability is not a curse like many think. In order to benefit the society, we need to be accepted and consoled,” said Consolate Nyiranshyimiye.

For Madelena Nirere the coordinator of National Commission for Human rights: “every person should respect the visually impaired and give way to those with white canes for they have all the rights to be wherever they want like any other Rwandans.”

The White Cane started to be used in 1921 and started to be celebrated annually in 1964 all over the world. This was after its benefits to the lives of the visually impaired people were understood.

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