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Ruhango District welcomes Tanzanian returnees

Posted on 29 January 2014

Ruhango District welcomes Tanzanian returnees

Some of the Rwandans expelled from Tanzania few months ago have been offered material support including utensils, foodstuff and other things worth Rwf600,000, a support in line with the ongoing process of resettling the evictees in the district
Thousands of Rwandans were evicted from Tanzania in the course of 2013 and have been living in Rukara and Kiyanzi Refugee Camps. Most of them are being relocated in various districts, among which is Ruhango district
The Rwandan Returnees who are now in Ruhango district waiting to be re-settled say they are grateful for the way they have been treated, the support they have received from people and the leaders ever since they arrived in the district.
“It was abrupt and we came with nothing but we were received with affection from the residents and their leaders. We are doing much better and we are happier to be in our home country and have places we belong to” says Alex Ruhanda, one of the evictees
Ruhango District welcomes Tanzanian returnees1
Francois Xavier Mbabazi mayor of Ruhango district chatting with the returnees

The Rwandan returnees are now living in Ntongwe sector while waiting to be given places they will build homes and farm.
The district mayor asked local people to keep supporting the Rwandan returnees until they are settled.
The material support provided by Ruhango district civil servants comes after the students and teachers of Kigoma Secondary School also provided the same support with food and clothes.

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