Rusizi: Commemorating Genocide striving for Rwandans self- reliance

Posted on 29 March 2013

As a way of preparing for a better 19th commemoration period for the 1994 genocide against the Tutsis in Rwanda, the counselors for traumatic disorders and other partners are preparing people who will deliver constructive presentations  as well as those who will give testimony not hurt those with affected by genocide.

Rusizi: Commemorating Genocide striving for Rwandans self- reliance

Some of the counselors in the meeting

 This will reduce the number of people that get traumatized during the commemoration period explains Michel Nshimyukiza the coordinator of CNLG  a commission that fights genocide in Rusizi and Nyamasheke district.   In Rusizi district, about 1200 people usually get traumatised during the commemoration period of the 1994 genocide but as years go by, this number increases.

This is the reason to why counselors, and all Rwandans have to work together to reduce this number. Rwandans are at a time they need to stand up and be self reliant instead of living in misery of what happened to them. This year’s commemoration will be celebrated under the theme “Let’s commemorate Genocide against Tutsis striving for self- reliance”.

This meeting also discussed ways to support vulnerable and poor genocide survivors like through getting them accommodation especially since most of the houses that were built for them grew old.

Michel Nshimyukiza asked people in the meeting to try their best and heal the hearts of many Rwandans during the commemoration period, to participate fully in the commemoration period programs and to support those who are in pain.


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