Rutsiro: District to receive 87 Tanzania evictees from Kiyanzi Refugee camp

Posted on 07 January 2014

Residents and leaders of Rutsiro District have confirmed readiness with the preparation to receive 87 people in 27 families of Rwandan returnees who were expelled from Tanzania last year.

Abarezi 415 bashoje amahugurwa ku burezi budaheza abafite ubumuga

The Ministry for Disaster Management and Preparedness (MIDIMAR) initiated the program for all districts to receive and settle Rwandans living in Kiyanza and Rukara refugees camps in December 2013.

This was an initiative to stop referring to Rwandans in refugee camps as refugees in their own country, give them homes and let them settle like all Rwandans.

This initiative was officially put in practice on Friday 3rd, 01, 2014 with 269 Rwandans evacuating the refugee camps to find home in other districts.

Rutsiro district is set to receive 87 Rwandans from Kiyanzi Refugee Camp from Monday 6th, 01, 2014. The district is made up of 13 sectors and each sector will at least settle 2 families with Kageyo Sector ready to receive 3 families.

The executive secretaries of sectors in Rutsiro district say they are ready to welcome these families and help them to get settled in and live like all other residents.

The sectors will provide shelter to the Rwandan returnees temporarily for 3 months and MIDIMAR will be providing food for them.

The Rwandan returnees will be living in these sectors temporarily while sectors are searching for plots for their permanent occupation. The sectors will provide land to build homes and at least one hectare for farming to each family.

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