Rwanda | GISAGARA: ready to quit vulnerable groups

Posted on 24 October 2012

The vulnerable group of people in Gishubi sector in Gisagara district is proud of ‘Girinka’ program which is promoting them in social positions and eradicate poverty which is giving them hope that they will no longer be called vulnerable in the near future.

Rwanda | GISAGARA  ready to quitThis they said during the function to give each other cows through ‘Girinka’ program where 32 cows, the offspring of the cows given to local people by the president of the Republic of Rwanda were exchanged among the residents to 32 families.

Mukagasana who was given the cow had this to say; “I am very excited to be a farmer, I had no livestock, my health was deteriorating and I wasn’t even able to get manure for my farms. With this cow, I am sure I am going to achieve a lot and say good bye to being in the vulnerable group of the poor.”

Apart from being sure of getting manure to boost their farming, the vulnerable who were given cows will be getting milk for better health of their family members. All they have to do is take good care of these cows for better production.

The social status registrar in Gishubi district said; “for these cows to be productive, you have to take care of them in all possible ways and make sure they don’t benefit only you but also your neighbours”.

Girinka program is done in a systematic order where people to be given cows are selected by a village council and announcements are done on notice boards of the cells and sectors. When these reproduce, the first offspring is given over to the neighbour who is in dire need and will keep on rotating till every person owns a cow. It was initiated by the president of the Republic of Rwanda.


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