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Residents working on Road drainage during community service

Kagame Warns No Rwandan Child Should Be On Streets

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President Kagame working on the road drainage in Kayonza district during Community Service-Umuganda

President Kagame working on the road drainage in Kayonza district during Community Service-Umuganda

Every Rwandan child should go to school for the country to prosper, otherwise there will be consequences. And President Paul Kagame reiterated that every child, whether has parents or not, should be in school as a matter of priority.

Rwanda’s education sector represents 31.2% of the country’s 11 million population-with human resource acting as a major source of Rwanda’s economy.

However, government has of recent faced an alarming issue of continued school dropouts and street children. “Every Rwandan child should be in school not on the streets.

Government has provided free schools and no parent should stand in the way of their children education,” the President said while addressing Kayonza district residents in Mukarange sector.

The President was in Kayonza district for the monthly community work (Umuganda).

President Kagame warned parents and government officials and all Rwandans to make children’s education a priority.

Statistics indicate 20% of Rwanda’s $2.47 billion national budget (approximately $494 million) goes to education.

With this, President Kagame reminded Kayonza residents that there should be no reason why their children roam around streets. Kayonza district, like in other parts of the country, faces the issue of street children.

Last month, 100 former street children in the district were sent to Rukara Transit Centre to undergo civic education and vocational training.

Gender and Family promotion Minister Dr. Diane Gahumba has promised to ensure no Rwandan children are seen on streets.

“No child deserves to live on the streets, a child has rights to have a family, to go to school and get every kind of treatment and care.”

Meanwhile, earlier in the day, President Kagame and First Lady Jeannette Kagame, participated in the construction of feeder roads as per the district master plan.

After the exercise, the President said; “Umuganda is about all of us joining hands and working together to develop ourselves.”

The President has been touring Eastern Province since Thursday.

The Army also working on the road during community service

The Army also working on the road during community service

Residents taking part in Community service

Residents taking part in Community service

The First Lady also participated in Umuganda

The First Lady also participated in Umuganda

President Kagame in Kayonza district for Community work-Umuganda

President Kagame in Kayonza district for Community work-Umuganda

Residents working on Road drainage during community service

Residents working on Road drainage during community service


Hon. Jacqueline Mukakanyamugenge ati n'ubwo waba waragize nabi mu gihe cya jenoside, kugirira neza uwacitse ku icumu kuri ubu byo birashoboka

Kwibuka kwiza ni ukwibuka n’abakiriho

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Aya magambo yagarutsweho ubwo mu Murenge wa Kinazi ho mu Karere ka Huye bibukaga Jenoside yakorewe Abatutsi tariki 28/4/2016.

Hon. Jacqueline Mukakanyamugenge ati n'ubwo waba waragize nabi mu gihe cya jenoside, kugirira neza uwacitse ku icumu kuri ubu byo birashoboka

Hon. Jacqueline Mukakanyamugenge ati n’ubwo waba waragize nabi mu gihe cya jenoside, kugirira neza uwacitse ku icumu kuri ubu byo birashoboka

Abavuze kuri iki gitekerezo bashakaga kugaragaza ko baba abarokotse Jenoside ndetse n’abayigizemo uruhare, hari icyo bakorera bagenzi babo barokotse, bakabagaragariza urukundo kuko bibubaka.

Uwitwa Kayiranga ukomoka mu Murenge wa Kinazi yari umwana mutoya mu gihe cya Jenoside. Ubu ni umusore. Yagize ati “ Kwibuka neza ni ukwibuka uwasigaye. Hariho incike, hariho abantu bakeneye umuntu wabereka ko abitayeho.”

Yunzemo ati “Ndashimira abantu bose bajya bampamagara bakampa imbaraga, baha imbaraga abacitse ku icumu, bita ku mfubyi”

Yasabye rero abari baje mu gikorwa cyo kwibuka i Kinazi kurangwa n’urukundo. Yagize ati “Twibuke, tugire umutwaro wo kubaka igihugu cyacu kitarimo amacakubiri, kitarimo inzangano.”

Hon. Depite Jacqueline Mukakanyamugenge na we yasabye abantu bose kwegera abafite intege nkeya barokotse jenoside agira ati “N’iyo waba waragize ikibi ukora, kuba umuntu ariho ashobora kugira icyo yakora cyiza, kigasiba bya bindi bibi yakoze.”

Hon. Mukakanyamugenge yashimye abagize ubutwari bwo guhisha abantu mu gihe cya jenoside, kuko babikoraga bazi ko bababasanganye babica, maze abwira n’abataragize ubwo butwari ko kuri ubu kwegera umunyantege nkeya warokotse Jenoside ari igikorwa cyiza kandi cyo gishoboka kuri ubu.

Yagize ati “Utarabishoboye guhisha abantu, uyu munsi na we hari icyo yakora akumva umutima we unezerewe ko yagize icyo akorera umuturanyi we uri mu ntege nke, uri inshike udafite umuzanira amazi  na we yari yarabye.”

Yakomeje agira ati “Akagira icyo akora ku mfubyi idafite ababyeyi. Kumubanira neza byonyine, ni icyiza umuntu yaba akoze na we agatanga umusanzu we, kandi birashoboka.”

Mu Murenge wa Kinazi hari ababyeyi bagizwe incike na Jenoside 9, n’abacitse ku icumu batishoboye 70.

President Paul Kagame greets excited locals in Ngoma District on 1st leg of his 3-day tour of the Eastern Province.

Kagame UPs HeForShe Commitment to 500,000 Champions

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President Paul Kagame greets excited locals in Ngoma District on 1st leg of his 3-day tour of the Eastern Province.

President Paul Kagame greets excited locals in Ngoma District on 1st leg of his 3-day tour of the Eastern Province.

From 100,000 commitment to raise that number of Rwandans backing the global HeForShe campaign, Rwanda made a new move this Thursday to have five times more champions.

President Paul Kagame today called on every Rwandan man to be part of the campaign.

We should have at least 500,000 champions, said Kagame while addressing 1000s of locals in Ngoma District on Day one of two-day eastern province tour.

“I was among the first men to sign up for the campaign. I encourage all men, starting from today, to sign and support women empowerment,” added Kagame.

In September last year, Government launched “HeForShe” initiative – a solidarity campaign for gender equality unveiled by UN Women. What people have to do is log on to www.heforshe.org and sign up using their identifiable name and email.

Today Kagame said: “I know some have signed up but the process is at a slow pace…”

The campaign intends to engage men and boys as agents of change for the achievement of gender equality and women’s rights, by encouraging them to take action against inequalities faced by women and girls.

The Kagame trip also coincided with the International Girls in ICT Day – an opportunity for girls and young women to get an insight into ICT sector, to consider ICT careers through open days at ICT institutions, meeting women role models, and getting “hands on” experience in technology.

To promote women among other citizens in ICT requires huge infrastructure, like Fibre Optic where Rwanda has invested $130 million to roll out a fiber optic cable on 3000km across the country.

The massive investment is intended to ensure rural schools get access to broadband connectivity. However, Ngoma district, especially Mugesera sector, the president’s meeting venue is still lagging behind because the cable is yet to reach there.

“I am going to follow up on why Fibre Optic Cable did not reach you. You should be hearing about it in just stories,” Kagame said amidst cheering from the crowd.

Rwanda is already at the crossroads in investing in ICT in education. Currently, 244,793 laptops have been distributed in 722 schools nationwide. Three million pupils in Rwandan primary schools are set to benefit this new technology which was dubbed ‘One laptop per child’ programme.

In the past few years, ICT has been the driving engine for transformation of the education sector, and allocated with 20% of the national budget, approximately $494 million of $2.47 billion.

Meanwhile, President Kagame challenged Ngoma District residents to support government in fighting poverty.

“To defeat poverty, we must work together to develop ourselves and begin by building on the resources we have.”

Kagame’s reaction came after Ngoma District Mayor, Nambaje Aphrodis, said that the district has been ranked among the poor in the country.

A recent Integrated Household Living Conditions Survey indicates that Ngoma District is the 9th poorest among the 30 district, with 19.5% of its 380,000 population below poverty line, while 46% of them remain relatively poor.

The district mayor told KT Press that most of the challenges attributed to growing poverty levels include, among others, lack of funds to establish Irrigation schemes in response to drought.

“In collaboration with Agriculture Ministry, we set aside 1200 hectares of land for irrigation but this requires Rwf40 billion which the district cannot fund,” Nambaje said.

The district’s economy largely depends on farming and commercial activities, with an annual revenue turnover of Rwf802million. Kagame pledged a tarmac road from Ngoma district to Karongi district in Western Province as part of supporting trade and other activities.

The President’s Citizen Outreach programme will proceeds to Nyagatare district tomorrow.

Abashinzwe imirire bahuguriwe kuzagira uruhare mu bikorwa  bya CRS banerekwa ibiteganijwe

Umushinga Gikuriro uje gufasha kurandura imirire mibi

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Umushinga Gikuriro wa Catholic Relief Service ifatanije na SNV,ufite gahunda yo gufasha abaturage kurandura imirire mibi.

Abashinzwe imirire bahuguriwe kuzagira uruhare mu bikorwa  bya CRS banerekwa ibiteganijwe

Abashinzwe imirire bahuguriwe kuzagira uruhare mu bikorwa  bya CRS banerekwa ibiteganijwe

Uyu mushinga watangiye umwaka ushize muri Nyabihu kandi uzakorera mu turere 8 mu Rwanda.

Manirarora Zacharie umukozi wa CRS asobanura ibyawo yagize ati “Ni umushinga wagenewe gufasha abagore bari mu kigero cyo kubyara ndetse n’abana bari munsi y’imyaka itanu,mu guteza imbere  imirire yabo.”

Yongeyeho ko ikigamijwe,ari ukugira ngo hirindwe indwara zishingiye ku mirire ndetse no kugwingira kw’abana bato kandi mu bikorwa hakazashyirwa imbaraga cyane ku mirire y’abana.

Mu by’umushinga uzakora,Manirarora yavuzemo ibijyanye no kongerera ubushobozi inzego z’uturere,kugira ngo zibashe gukurikirana ibikorwa bijyanye n’imirire muri rusange ku babyeyi batwite,abonsa n’abana bari munsi y’imyaka 5.

Ngo impamvu akaba ari uko mu Rwanda hakiri ikibazo cy’imirire mibi kuri bamwe mu bana bari munsi y’imyaka 5 kandi ngo hanaboneka n’ikibazo cyo kugwingira giterwa n’imirire mibi ku bana bari munsi y’imyaka 2.

Mu myaka 5 uyu mushinga uzamara,buri mwaka uzajya uba ufite ingengo y’imari yawo kandi umushinga uzaharanira kugeza ibikorwa byawo muri buri mudugudu aho uzakorera.

Ingengo y’imari y’umushinga ngo  ikazajya ijyana n’umubare w’imidugudu iri muri karere ndetse n’uw’ingo zifite abana bari munsi y’imyaka 5 ndetse by’umwihariko n’abafite abana bafite ibibazo by’imirire mibi.

Kuri Manirarora ngo niyo mpamvu bitoroshye guhita agena ingengo y’imari y’umwaka muri buri karere.

Gusa kugeza  muri Nzeri 2016,amafaranga ateganijwe mu bikorwa gusa,akaba akabakaba miliyoni 69 muri Nyabihu.

Utetiwabo Claudette ushinzwe imirire myiza muri Nyabihu avuga ko hakigaragara ikibazo cy’imirire mibi.

Kuri raporo y’ukwezi kwa Werurwe 2016 yagize ati “dufite abana 156 bari mu muhondo,abana 9 bari mu mutuku,abana 36231 bari mu cyatsi bahwanye na 99,5%.”

Mu gihe muri Nyabihu abafite ikibazo cy’imirire mibi ari 0, 5%, Utetiwabo yavuze ko CRS ije ibafasha mu kukirwanya,bikaba ari iby’ingenzi.

Umushinga CRS ukazakorera no muri Ngoma, Kayonza, Rwamagana, Nyarugenge, Kicukiro, Ruhango na Nyanza bafasha kurwanya imirire mibi.

King Faisal hospital

Rwanda’s King Faisal Hospital Sold

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(r) Oshens Group representative Alexis Lifschtz shakes hands with Francis Gatare(l) of RDB as Finance Minister Claver Gatete looks on

Oshens Group, an international health services company has a €21 million investment deal to upgrade Rwanda’s referral Hospital, King Faisal, to international standards.

The deal signed on Monday afternoon, between Oshens Group company and the government of Rwanda represented by Rwanda Development Board and Ministry of Finance and Planning, is aimed at transforming King Faisal hospital entirely.

KT Press has established that there will be a gradual handover until a time when the investor takes over management of the hospital completely.

King Faisal has suffered prolonged mismanagement yet government has always wanted the hospital elevated to international standards.

Rwanda’s Finance Minister Claver Gatete said that, “Oshens Group has come as one of the most competent investors on board and we have confidence in them to make a change.”

The funds tabled will be used to expand the hospital’s infrastructure and operating other King Faisal Hospital services.

Representing Oshens Group, Alexis Lifschtz the Vice President of Sphera Global Health Care told KT Press that, “We need Rwandans to trust us for the better since this is the beginning of our journey here.”

Once all these changes are effected, the CEO of KFH Prof. Emile Rwamasirabo said Rwandans should expect less people flying abroad for treatments .

The hospital will instead attract many Africans from neighbouring countries to come for treatment. Prof. Rwamasirabo told KT Press that soon he may also return to medical practice.

Meanwhile, Lifschtz said the funds are meant to be spent in a span of five years. King Faisal hospital was built to attend to 170 patients but it currently attends to 250 per day and under the partnership with Oshens Group, the number of patients is expected to increase.

This deal has come as a lasting solution to KFH’s mismanagement, lack of medical instruments, and poor cash flow.

Minister Gatete said that, “This investment comes at a time when Rwanda has an ambition to become a medical hub for the region.”

Handing over the hospital to an experienced investor will provide excellent medical services thus expanding its catchment area.

Currently, the sole cancer center in Butaro Hospital, Northern part of Rwanda, can only provide cancer detection and treatment, and only when cancer is at its early stage.

During the signing

During the signing

About 30% of patients were transferred to foreign countries for radiotherapy, mainly India where the cost is estimated between $8,000 and $12,000. Over the last three years alone, the estimated total bill is $12 million.

Speaking at the signing, Gatete said that the provision of world class health care to all Rwandans is a priority for the government of Rwanda.

Rwanda Development Board’s CEO, Francis Gatare, says that, “such private initiatives and investments to transform King Faisal Hospital into a multi-specialty regional referral hospital provide great economic value.”

King Faisal hospital

King Faisal hospital


Mujawamariya Immacule watanze ubuhamya

Yavuze ukuri kuri jenoside yakozwe 32 barahungabana

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Ubuhamya bwa Mujawamariya Immaculee warokotse jenoside, bwibukije benshi inzira y’umusaraba banyuzemo muri jenoside, maze 32 harimo abagabo batatu barahungabana.

Mujawamariya Immacule watanze ubuhamya

Mujawamariya Immacule watanze ubuhamya

Uyu mubyeyi utuye i Gihinga mu murenge wa Gacurabwenge, yatanze ubuhamya bw’ukuntu umugabo we, abavandimwe be, abana be n’abandi batutsi bishwe urw’agashinyaguro. Avuga inzira yanyuzemo kuva ku Kamonyi kugera i Kabgayi, naho yabaye mu buzima bubi kugeza Ingabo za FPR zibarokoye.

Yibukije abantu,  inkoni bakubiswe, ubuhiri buriho imisimari, imipanga, ibyobo n’imisarani byajugunywemo abatutsi, guteka mu madebe, impungure bariraga mu mashashi ubwo bari i Kabgayi, n’irindi hohoterwa abatutsi bakorewe.

Ibyo byose kimwe n’amazina ya zimwe mu Nterahamwe yavuze, byatumwe  abantu 32 , harimo abagore 29 n’abagabo 3 bagira ikibazo cy’ihungabana. Abahungabanye barimo gukurikiranwa n’ikigo nderabuzima cya Kamonyi, babiri muribo barembye cyane bajyanwa ku bitaro bya Remera Rukoma.

Umwe mu barokotse jenoside waje kwibuka, atangaza ko ubuhamya bwa Mujawamariya bwakoze benshi ku mutima, bituma basubira mu byo babayemo. Ati “ twatangira kwibukira hariya, uriya mubyeyi, avuze ubuhamya bw’ukuri. Nta muntu wageze i Kabgayi utazi kurira mu ishashi no guteka mu idebe”.

Ubu buhamya uyu mubyeyi yabutanze kuri uyu wa gatatu tariki 13/4/2016, mu muhango wo gusoza icyunamo cy’iminsi irindwi , abanyarwanda bamaze bunamiye abatutsi bazize jenoside.

Umuyobozi w’akarere ka Kamonyi, Udahemuka Aimable, yibukije abanyakamonyi kurwanya ingengabitekerezo ya Jenoside mu rwego rwo kwirinda ko abana b’u Rwanda bubakira ku mateka mabi nk’ayo ababyeyi b’iki gihe babayemo.

“mu myaka yose irenga 30, abantu bose bigishwa kwanga abandi, abantu bigishwa ko abandi ari inzoka cyangwa ari inyenzi(….) iyo myaka yose yatubanye imfabusa. Ni imyaka y’igihombo kuko hari ibindi bikorwa by’iterambere byari gukorwa”.

Ku rwego rw’Akarere ka Kamonyi, icyunamo cyashorejwe ku rwibutso rw’akarere ruherereye mu Kibuza, akagari ka Nkingo, mu murenge wa Gacurabwenge, rushyinguyemo imibiri isaga ibihumbi 47.

Barashimira Leta ko yabasubije icyizere cyo kubaho

Barashimira Leta ko yabasubije icyizere cyo kubaho

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Barashimira Leta ko yabasubije icyizere cyo kubaho

Imiryango yarokotse Jenoside mu murenge wa Remera mu karere ka Gatsibo, irashimira Leta y’ubumwe kuba yarabasubije icyizere cyo kongera kubaho. 

Icyumweru cy’icyunamo cyasojwe hashyirwa indabo ku rwibutso rwa Bugarura rushyinguyemo imibiri 253

Imiryango yarokotse Jenoside mu murenge wa Remera mu karere ka Gatsibo, irashimira Leta y’ubumwe kuba yarabasubije ikizere cyo kongera kubaho.

Abarokotse Jenoside yakorewe abatutsi mu mwaka wa 1994 bo muri uyu murene, bashimira ubuyobozi bw’Igihugu kuba bwarabashije gutuma bongera kwiyubaka nyuma y’amahano bahuye nayo.

Gakuba Christophe ahagarariye imiryango yabuze ababo mu Murenge wa Remera, avuga ko Leta y’ubumwe bw’Abanyarwanda yakoze akazi katoroshye mu kunga Abanyarwanda, ubu abiciwe n’ababiciye bakaba babanye mu mahoro.

Agira ati:” Ntabwo twatecyerezaga ko dushobora kwicarana n’abaduhekuye ngo twongere tubane, ariko ubu turafatanya muri byose kandi turizeza ubuyobozi ko tuzakomeza uwo muco mwiza wo kubana wahozeho mu banyarwanda.”

Ubwo hasozwaga icyumweru cy’icyunamo kuri uyu wa 13 Mata 2016, Umuyobpozi w’Akarere ka Gatsibo Gasana Richard, yongeye kwihanganisha ababuze ababo muri Jenoside abizeza ko nta muntu uzongera kubura amahoro ngo avutswe ubuzima nk’uko byagenze.

Yagize ati:” Kwibuka bizahoraho kugira ngo dukomeze duhe agaciro abacu batuvuyemo, turashima Leta yacu ko ishyigikiye iyi gahunda ariko na none twamagana byimazeyo abakomeje kugaragaza ingengabitecyerezo ya Jenoside.”

Muri iki gihe cyo kwibuka hashyizweho gahunda yiswe “agaseke”, igamije gukusanya amafaranga yo gutera inkubna imiryango yasizwe iheruheru na Jenoside, muri iki cyumwe muri uyu murenge wa Remera hakaba hamaze gukusanywa amafaranga agera kuri miliyoni 1 n’ibihumbi 335.

Igikorwa cyo gusoza icyumweru cy’icyunamo mu karere ka Gatsibo cyabereye mu Mudugudu wa Kabuye, Akagari ka Rwarenga mu murenge wa Remera, kikaba cyasojwe no gushyira indabo ku rwibutso rwa Bugarura ahashyingunguye imibiri 253 y’abatutsi bishwe mu gihe cy’iminsi itanu gusa muri aka gace.

Ibi bigega abaturage basabwe kubishyira mu mihigo y'ingo zabo bakazabyiyubakira.

Kwiyubakira ibigega bigiye gushyirwa mu mihigo y’ingo

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Nyuma y’uko ingo 18 mu Kagari ka Ndekwe Akarere ka Ngoma zubakiwe ibigega n’umuryango (AEE) bigakemura ikibazo cy’amazi,kubaka ikigega bigiye gushyirwa mu mihigo y’ingo.

Ibi bigega abaturage basabwe kubishyira mu mihigo y'ingo zabo bakazabyiyubakira.

Ibi bigega abaturage basabwe kubishyira mu mihigo y’ingo zabo bakazabyiyubakira.

Ubuyobozi bw’Akagari ka Ndekwe mu Murenge wa Remera bwemeza ko umusaruro ibi bigega byatanze ari wo watumye hatekerezwa uburyo buri rugo muri aka kagali rwahiga kubaka ikigega mu mihigo y’ingo.

Kanakuze Evelyne umwe mu bubakiwe ikigega avuga ko cyatumye aruhuka ikibazo cy’ibura ry’amazi dore atahazwaga n’akajerekani gato yavomerwaga n’umwana babana.

Buregeya Bonaventure, avuga ko n’ubwo yari afite imbaraga zo kuyivomera, kubakirwa iki kigega avuga ko byatumye umwanya yataga ajya kuvoma kure ubu awukoresha mu yindi mirimo imuteza imbere.

Yagize ati”Byadusabaga iminota 45 ngo tugere aho twavomaga. Igihe iki kigega cyuzuye neza imvura yaguye,twe n’umuturanyi dushobora gukoresha amazi mu gihe kitari munsi y’amezi abiri. Byatanze isomo ko n’abandi bahigira kuzabyubaka.”

Ubuyobozi bw’Akagari ka Ndekwe ho mu Murenge wa Remera, Karasira Emile, avuga ko kubera akamaro basanze mu kubaka ibi bigega, bagiye gushishikariza ingo kubishyira mu mihigo yabo y’umwaka w’imihigo 2016-2017 uzatangira mu kwezi kwa Nyakanga 2016.

Yagize ati”Usanga hari bamwe batangiye kubishyira mu migambi y’ibyo bazakora mungo zabo.Turi gukomeza kubibashishikariza ku buryo mpamya neza ko mu mihigo y’umwaka utaha hari ibigega bizahigwa n’ingo ko zizabyiyubakira.”

Ubu buyobozi buvuga ko mu rwego rwo gukemura ikibazo cy’amazi muri aka kagali,ikigo gikwirakwiza amazi WASAC kiri guteganya kuhageza amazi meza, ariko ngo ntibizabuza abaturage kubaka ibi bigega ku buryo  byajya bibafasha bakavoma n’igihe yabuze.

Iyi nzu ni iyo yubakiwe n'abaturage b'Umudugudu wa Ninzi

Umugududu waremeye abakecuru b’incike za Jenoside

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Abaturage bo mu Mudugudu wa Ninzi baremeye incike 2 zarokotse Jenoside yakorewe Abatutsi, banabashyikiriza amazu babubakiye, mu rwego rwo kubafata mu mugongo.

Iyi nzu ni iyo yubakiwe n'abaturage b'Umudugudu wa Ninzi

Iyi nzu ni iyo yubakiwe n’abaturage b’Umudugudu wa Ninzi

Ibi byabaye kuri uyu wa kabiri tariki ya 12 Mata 2016 muri uyu Mudugudu mu Kagari ka Ninzi mu Murenge wa Kagano mu Karere ka Nyamasheke.

Aba bakecuru b’incike barokotse Jenoside yakorewe Abatutsi basazwe n’ibyishimo bavuga ko bumva banezerewe kandi bumva bagifite ubuzima nyuma y’uko babonye ko hari abantu bakibazirikana, kabone n’ubwo nta mwana cyangwa undi muntu ubakomokaho bagifte.

Nyiramuganuza Antonie ati “Ndashimira umukuru w’igihugu cyacu uhora adutekereza, ndashimira aba baturage bazirikanye ko tuvirwa bazirikana ko nta bundi bufasha tubona bafata icyemezo cyo kuza kudushyigikira ni iby’agaciro gakomeye”.

Kamugurwa Faina yagize ati “Ibi binyereka ko igihugu cyacu cyahindutse kandi kigana aheza ndumva byandenze nari mu bwihebe bukabije ariko Imana yakoresheje abantu none mbonye aho mpengeka umusaya, muzanshimirire n’umubyeyi wacu umukuru w’igihugu”.

Umuyobozi w’umudugudu wa Ninzi Ndikubwayo Jean Paul, avuga ko iki ari igitekerezo cyagizwe n’abaturage na Ninzi bafata iya mbere ngo batabare bagenzi babo b’inshike, bakusanya amafaranga n’imbaraga babasha kugira icyo bamarira abari bakomerewe.

Yagize ati “Abaturage bacu bafashe iya mbere buri wese yitanga uko yifite iki ni ikimenyetso cy’urukundo kandi rugana mu bumwe n’ubwiyunge, tuzakomeza kubaba hafi ntituzabatererana, ndetse tuzabakorera n’ubuvugizi butandukanye”.

Aba babyeyi b’incike bahawe amazu afite agaciro ka miliyoni ebyiri n’ibihumbi 200, bagenera buri rugo ibyo kurya bifite agaciro k’ibihumbi 60 ndetse babaha ibihumbi 7 n’amafaranga 500 buri umwe, bikaba byaragezweho buri muturage wo mu mudugudu wa Ninzi yitanga uko ashoboye, ndetse bakaba barafashijwe n’inzu ishinzwe ubutaka mu karere ka Nyamasheke.

Ngabo James avuga ko harimo gushakwa uko cyacyemuka

Barasaba kwihutisha gukosora ibyangombwa by’ubutaka bwabo

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Abaturage bo muri Kabatwa basaba ko gukosora ibyangombwa by’ubutaka bwabo biriho amakuru atariyo,byakwihutishwa kuko babarirwa imisoro bidakwiranye.

Abaturage b’I Kabatwa muri Nyabihu,bakaba babisaba nyuma y’uko abatuye uwo murenge muri rusange babarurirwaho ibyangombwa by’ubutaka bwagenewe gutura nyamara igice kinini cyabwo cyakagombye kuba icyo guhingaho.

Demokarasi Jean Damascene asaba ko abaturage bakosorerwa ibyangombwa bakanakurirwaho imisoro yagiyeho ibyangombwa bigifite amakosa

Demokarasi Jean Damascene asaba ko abaturage bakosorerwa ibyangombwa bakanakurirwaho imisoro yagiyeho ibyangombwa bigifite amakosa

Demokarasi Jean Damascene ni umuturage wo mu Murenge wa Kabatwa I Nyabihu. Asobanura iki kibazo yagize ati “Mu gihe cyo gutanga ibyemezo byagaragaye ko hari ubutaka buhingwa bwagenewe imikoreshereze yo gutura.”

Yongeraho ati “Ikibazo kibangamiye abaturage ni imisoro yakwa kuri ubwo butaka bugaragara nk’aho butuwe kandi mu by’ukuri buhingwa. Abaturage barasaba ko ibyangombwa byakosorwa bigahuzwa n’icyo ubutaka bwagenewe.”

Ikindi abaturage basaba ngo ni uko nyuma yo gukosorwa kw’ibyangombwa by’ubutaka, banakurirwaho imisoro ku myaka yabanje ubwo byari bikigenewe gutura.

Iki kibazo cy’amakuru Atari yo ku byangombwa by’ubutaka kikaba kinagaragara no muri Vunga mu murenge wa Shyira.

Kuri iki kibazo Ngabo James,Umunyamabanga Nshingwabikorwa w’Akarere ka Nyabihu avuga ko koko gihari. Kiri no mu byabajijwe mu nama njyanama yateranye kuri uyu wa 05 Mata 2016.

Ngabo James avuga ko harimo gushakwa uko cyacyemuka

Ngabo James avuga ko harimo gushakwa uko cyacyemuka

Gusa avuga ko cyatewe n’abaturage batanze amakuru Atari yo babaruza ubutaka bwabo.

Agira ati “Ni nk’ubumenyi buke buba bwarabaye mu gihe abantu babaruzaga umutungo.  Bafashe ubutaka bwabo bwose babubaruza nk’ubutaka bwo guturaho kandi ubutaka bwo guturaho bugomba gusoreshwa.”

Ngabo yongeraho ko iki kibazo kizwi ko gihari I Kabatwa no muri Vunga kandi ko bakiganiriyeho n’abakozi b’ikigo cy’imisoro n’amahoro.

Ikirimo gukorwa ubu kandi abaturage bazi ni uko akarere kasabye abo muri serivise y’ubutaka gukosora ibyo byangombwa,igikorwa kirimo gukorwa.

Kubera ko ngo itegeko riteganya ko ubutaka bwo guturaho bugomba gusora,nyuma yo gukosora,bakazaganira n’ikigo cy’imisoro n’amahoro babereka uko iki kibazo cyari giteye n’amakosa yari arimo,nabo bakabasaba ko byakosorwa.