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Rulindo: MIDIMAR supports Poor people with social necessities

Rwanda | Rulindo: MIDIMAR supports Poor people with social necessities

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The International Organization for Migration (IOM) with the support of The Ministry of Disaster Management and Refugee Affairs (MIDIMAR) has donated construction Materials and livestock to people in Shyorongi sector in Rulindo District on the Tuesday the 4th.Sept.2012.

 Rulindo: MIDIMAR supports Poor people with social necessities







Residents in this sector were affected by rainfall in the last months and most of the properties and houses were destroyed. Those that were given construction materials were happy that they are going to be happy while living in their houses since they were living in other people’s homes after the destruction of their houses one of these residents is Venansiya Mukandoli who got shelter thanks to the sector administration.

 Rulindo: MIDIMAR supports Poor people with social necessities







Gaspard Murenzi who represented MIDIMAR said that this organization works in some districts in Rwanda and it gives basic support to vulnerable people and teaches general skills to people and it is supported by Japan Government.



Rwanda | Tabagwe resident acclaims

Rwanda | Tabagwe: resident acclaims Social welfare, development programs over malnutrition war

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Rwanda | Tabagwe resident acclaimsA sixty (60) year elderly man François Xavier Habiyakare, a residence of Tabagwe sector- Nyagatare District is reported to provide milk among his neighbours in a move to join the Government in the war against malnutrition; a social development he is proud of.

The old man was given a cow in local health advisors programme called “Gira inka Mujyanama. According to the cooperative Habiyakare was given an expectant cow that is now giving him about 10 litres of milk a day of which he sells 2 litres and the remaining 8 litres is distributed among the neighbours to fight malnutrition and kwashiorkor among the children.

During the celebration of the achievements of the health advisors of Tabagwe sector on the 31stAug.2012, Habiyakare gave them an example of a woman who recently gave birth in their village and he promised to provide them with one litre of milk per day.

Since this cow is milked 5 litres in the morning and 5 in the night, Habiyakare gives the morning milk to children, who bring grasses to the cow and for the evening and the milk in the evening he sells the 2 litres and remains with 3 litres for his family of 8 members.

He is grateful for this cow for providing good health to his family and his neighbours and he was able to get the 24.000francs to pay for mutuelle de santé medical insurance for all members of his family thanks to this cow.

Apart from improving the social welfare of his family members and his neighbours and being able to pay for the medical insurance of his family, Habiyakare says that this cow has boosted his farming production.

With the manure the cow provides, his production has increased tr4emendously as in the garden he used to get 1sack of maize production, he was able to harvest 5 sacks of maize production this time after using manure. Habiyakare intends to take good care of this cow to make other small projects that can develop him.





Rutsiro: VUP provides mattresses to poor people

Rwanda | Rutsiro: VUP provides mattresses to poor people

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The lifestyles of about 68 vulnerable people in Manihira sector in Rutsiro district will change after being given mattresses by VUP on the 24th.Aug.2012 in a way of eradicating poverty.

Rutsiro: VUP provides mattresses to poor people




Recently, this sector was said to have about 156 residents that are more poor than others by VUP project that intends to develop more poor sectors and it gave mattresses to hose people and the 68 remaining were also given on the 24th.Aug.2012.

Faustin Muhoranyi Nganizi  the executive secretary of Manihira sector asked the people who were given mattresses to take care of the aid they are given but most importantly to strive to live without expecting the aid but to work hard and find solutions to their problems.

VUP project has programs like giving work to capable people and giving them monthly salaries in 2 instalments after every 15 days and it gives supporting aid to the old and children who take care of themselves.

This project also gives credit to weak people who can pay it back with only2percent interest rate.



Kamonyi: District Advisory Council tells genocide orphans to wake up

Rwanda | Kamonyi: District Advisory Council tells genocide orphans to wake up

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Kamonyi: District Advisory Council tells genocide orphans to wake up

The orphans of the 1994 genocide against the Tutsi are supposed to develop themselves and fill the gap left by their parents, according to Gonzaga Bizimana, the president of the advisory council for Kamonyi district.

Bizimana was addressing 15 orphans of genocide who are taken care of by different families in Kayumbu sector during the council’s visit in the area.

Visiting these orphans is a yearly act to the district advisory council and which is about to show these orphans that they are not alone and that they will support them through. The council contributed and bought a cow to these children to support the president of the republic in Girinka program.

These 15 children that were visited are raised in 12 families and they were happy saying that it always feels great to be remembered and cared for by their leaders and that it gives them hope.

Pierre Celestin Nsengiyumva the executive secretary of Kayumbu sector thanked this council for giving a cow to one of these orphans as in they intended to give cows to the 6 families by the end of the year in their performing contracts.

The cow was given to Grace Uwamahoro and the remaining 5 children will be given cows by the sector. These children said that they need people to guide them so as to have a better future.


Rwanda | Nyaruguru: Some communities complain over Girinka Programme

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Rwandans from the Twa community in Busanze sector- Nyaruguru District say they are poor because government development programs like agricultural development are not well communicated in their place.

On the issue that Girinka program as one of agricultural programmes in the country has not yet benefited the Twa, Fabien Niyitegeka, vice mayor for economic affairs in the District remarks that government programs do not discriminate but meant for all vulnerable residents of Rwanda.

Niyitegeka adds that Twa community are being prepared and trained to handle other better projects for their environment like piggery and chicken farming.

Nyaruguru district authorities say they are organizing projects that will promote social development among the Twa.

Some residents of Gatunda in Busanze sector reveal they depend on pottery which is not earning much in this generation.

Asiteriya Mukankusi explains pottery is heredity and they cannot quit doing it without another activity to give them small money for home use.

Mukankusi adds: “We are very poor and in need to develop but pot making can never get us anywhere. If we get land for cultivation and animal keeping, we can be better.”

Nyaruguru vice mayor stresses that most of the problems Twa people have are based on negative attitude. Its in that order that a health worker will be assigned to care for their social affairs and to help change their mindset.

Rwanda | Rusizi Mushaka trading

Rwanda | Rusizi: Mushaka trading centre under renovation

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Rwanda | Rusizi Mushaka tradingAfter the President of Rwanda H.E Paul Kagame visited Rwimbogo sector in Rusizi district and questioned about poor old buildings in Mushaka trading centre, renovation activities have started.

Philippe Ngirente, in charge of social affairs in Rwimbogo sector on August 7th 2012 said 91 percent of the buildings in this area are modern.

Mushaka trading centre in Rwimbogo sector in Rusizi district, is known in history for receiving foreigners (Burundians and Congolese) that neighbour with it and come to attend the market for many years.

When the president visited in 2010, he asked the residents to renovate the buildings and improve sanitation, reveals Philippe Ngirente.

Concerning the old buildings, the sector administration tackled renovation and building processes and now at 91 percent of what was expected according to the sector’s master plan.

Although they had planned to complete renovation activities before June 30th 2012, it did not come to pass due to lack of bricks but, it has to end this year, narrates Ngirente.

Mushaka trading centre does business with foreigners more than Rwandans because of the food stuffs like cassava, tomatoes, sweet potatoes, bananas and livestock especially goats from Rwimbogo, Nzahaha, Gashonga and Nyakarenzo sectors.


Rwanda | Gakenke town master

Rwanda : Gakenke town master plan set in place

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Rwanda | Gakenke town masterThe Advisory council of Gakenke District has set a town master plan following a meeting on the 7th.Aug.2012 where it decided to bring basic infrastructure services like water and electricity to the town to enable quick building and development of the area.

Gakenke town is made of 11 villages 7 of which are in Gakenke sector and 4 from Nemba sector according to the new master plan of the town.

Since Gakenke town is chaotic due to bad buildings that make it, every person’s contribution is needed to develop it and make it better as Zephyrin Ntakirutimana the vice mayor for social affairs of Gakenke district said.

The district planned Rwf38million to be used during expropriation period to clear land in this town and these plots will be sold at agreed price and the money be taken back to the district account. In this town there are a few nice residential houses and at least one storied commercial house and others are slums and old houses.

Many people are not sure how this town will be developed as people who get rich decide to build in already developed cities like Kigali city or Musanze town.

Hindiro sector eradicates

Rwanda | Ngororero: Hindiro sector eradicates malnutrition

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Although Hindiro is one of 13 sectors that make Ngororero district and the poorest of all, residents come first in fighting against malnutrition.

Athanase Sebyenda in charge of social affairs denote the residents have rose to fight malnutrition through teaching residents how to prepare balanced diet, growing vegetables and not waiting upon help.

Hindiro sector eradicates

According to nutritionists at Kabaya and Muhororo hospitals in Ngororero district, Hindiro has the lowest number of malnourished

Sebyenda asserts this sector had 8 malnourished children who were 8 in the beginning of 2012 but only two are not yet cured while the 6 are in phase one and two and greatly improving as according to the reports of community health workers.

Sebyenda explains that according to how poor Hindiro residents are and how active they embrace different programs meant for them, social and economic development would be attained if other residents follow their example.

He adds that even school children from Hindiro sector perform well academically compared to other sectors of Ngororero district which gives hope for a better future of the place.






HPI gives to the needy

Rwanda | Nyabihu: HPI gives to the needy families in Rugera sector

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Rugera sector is one of the 12 sectors that make Nyabihu district in the western province and residents of this sector were given cows by HPI (Heifers Program International) and those cows reproduced and these 32 cows were given to the poor on the 3rd.Aug.2012.

HPI gives to the needy

The 32 cows were given to selected women in vulnerable families in this sector so as to get them out of poverty and to improve the social welfare of their families and to boost their farming through getting manure daily.

Elise Uwonkunda’s family that resides in Kirehe village was given a cow to rear and with much excited with her family members, they are sure that this cow will improve their social welfare and give them manure to boost their farming and give them means to fight poverty.

People who were given cows said it is very important to take their gratitude to the person who initiated Girinka program and HPI project for giving them a chance to own cows and saving their families from malnutrition and poverty. They promised to take good care of these cows and to give to those without once they reproduce.

Angela Mukaminani the vice mayor for finance and economic development in Nyabihu district thanked HPI for giving cows to people which is an objective of Rwanda government to support residents in fighting against poverty. He asked them to protect those cows and to think of their neighbors when they reproduce so as to break the cycle of poverty with the cycle of togetherness.







Some of the residents in Kibungo town have been given one week to demolish houses they built illegally before Ngoma District Authorities take action.

Rwanda | Ngoma: Kibungo town residents ordered to demolish houses

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Some of the residents in Kibungo town have been given one week to demolish houses they built illegally before Ngoma District Authorities take action.

Some of the residents in Kibungo town have been given one week to demolish houses they built illegally before Ngoma District Authorities take action.

This is meant for residents of Kibungo sector and some part of Remera sector who were warned by the district administration over using non burnt bricks in building but preceded with their idea.


This was resolved during the meeting of Eastern Province administration and Ngoma district authorities that was held on 1st August 2012.

However, residents in question ask district authorities to give them shelter where they can be staying after their houses are destroyed as they have nowhere else to go.


One resident narrates: “We admit the mistake but we have nowhere else to go. Should we demolish these houses and sleep outside? They should give us a place to live in.”


Alexis Rugaju, in charge of district development in Eastern Province revealed to the media that the resolution is aimed at eradicating illegal buildings that do not match vision 2020 expectations.


Rugaju asserts: “Building against the law is prohibited and sensitization continues.”