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Rulindo: MIDIMAR supports Poor people with social necessities

Rwanda | Rulindo: MIDIMAR supports Poor people with social necessities

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The International Organization for Migration (IOM) with the support of The Ministry of Disaster Management and Refugee Affairs (MIDIMAR) has donated construction Materials and livestock to people in Shyorongi sector in Rulindo District on the Tuesday the 4th.Sept.2012.

 Rulindo: MIDIMAR supports Poor people with social necessities







Residents in this sector were affected by rainfall in the last months and most of the properties and houses were destroyed. Those that were given construction materials were happy that they are going to be happy while living in their houses since they were living in other people’s homes after the destruction of their houses one of these residents is Venansiya Mukandoli who got shelter thanks to the sector administration.

 Rulindo: MIDIMAR supports Poor people with social necessities







Gaspard Murenzi who represented MIDIMAR said that this organization works in some districts in Rwanda and it gives basic support to vulnerable people and teaches general skills to people and it is supported by Japan Government.



Kamonyi: District Advisory Council tells genocide orphans to wake up

Rwanda | Kamonyi: District Advisory Council tells genocide orphans to wake up

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Kamonyi: District Advisory Council tells genocide orphans to wake up

The orphans of the 1994 genocide against the Tutsi are supposed to develop themselves and fill the gap left by their parents, according to Gonzaga Bizimana, the president of the advisory council for Kamonyi district.

Bizimana was addressing 15 orphans of genocide who are taken care of by different families in Kayumbu sector during the council’s visit in the area.

Visiting these orphans is a yearly act to the district advisory council and which is about to show these orphans that they are not alone and that they will support them through. The council contributed and bought a cow to these children to support the president of the republic in Girinka program.

These 15 children that were visited are raised in 12 families and they were happy saying that it always feels great to be remembered and cared for by their leaders and that it gives them hope.

Pierre Celestin Nsengiyumva the executive secretary of Kayumbu sector thanked this council for giving a cow to one of these orphans as in they intended to give cows to the 6 families by the end of the year in their performing contracts.

The cow was given to Grace Uwamahoro and the remaining 5 children will be given cows by the sector. These children said that they need people to guide them so as to have a better future.

Ngororero: families residing around steep mountains to be evacuated

Rwanda | Ngororero: families residing around steep mountains to be evacuated

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About 7800 families that reside on steep mountains on under the mountains and who are at the risk of being affected by natural disasters are to evacuate and to be settled in settlement villages.

Ngororero:  families residing around steep mountains to be evacuated According to Mr. Gideon Ruboneza the mayor of Ngororero district, this district has a great number of its inhabitants affected by this problem in all districts of Rwanda. The district has a plan of evacuating people living in dangerous places before rainy period so as to protect people and their properties form natural disasters.

Though leaders are ready to help evacuate these people, some people delay the process hoping that the government will build for them even when they are capable of doing so as Pascal Ntawuryiha a resident of Gatumba district said.

The district mayor said that this program has to be well respected because when people die, it is the government’s loss. He said that those who are capable of building for themselves will be followed and those who are cannot be supported and to settle them in villages as soon as possible.

In the last rainy season, houses, farms, animals, people’s properties were destroyed and even 4 people lost their lives and 36 people in all over Rwanda were killed by natural disasters and that is why solutions must be reached before to avoid the occurrence of other tragedies.





Rwanda : Street children need child representatives at administration levels

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Street children around Kigali city believe that their fellow children when elected will speak in favor of them than adults.

Street children however are not so much in trust with the different children different organizations but they already show full support for the children elections.

“Our fellow children will speak and advocate for us to come out from this hard life we are living, because we do share a lot in common though we live different life style” Noelle Mukiza, a thirteen year old boy that sells cold drinks at Nyabugogo International Park says.

The street children claim that, their problems are never considered through children summit that happens annually.

Although street children claims that national children summits don’t considered their problems. Nyiramatama zaina, head of national children commission revealed that since 2004, the summit has done children advocacy.

Genocide widows get high breed goats

Rwanda : Genocide widows get high breed goats

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Genocide widows get high breed goats

Some of the widows who received the goats

A group of 58 genocide widows in Rutunga sector, Gasabo District on Tuesday received33 high breed goats courtesy of the Rwanda National Police Hospital.

The widows were also given several agricultural equipments such as watering cans and pesticide containers which they will use to increase agricultural productivity.

All donated items were valued at Rwf 1,130,000 from the contributions from Kacyiru Police Hospital staff members.

Speaking at the event, Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP), Daniel Nyamwasa, the Commandant of Kacyiru Police Hospital said that the donation is part of several other welfare activities Police engages in as an effort to promote improved living conditions of vulnerable Rwandans.

He urged the widows to take good care of donated goats. “These goats are going to reproduce and have an impact in your lives if you take good care of them.

Kacyiru Police Hospital also promised to address psychological problems that were inflicted to some of the survivors of the 1994 Tutsi Genocide.

James Nzirimu, the official in charge of advocacy at the National Commission against Genocide (CNLG) lauded theHospital’s contribution towards the welfare of the widows.

Nzirimu urged them to play their role by breeding the goats in a good way so they can have high production which he said would help to solve a number of basic needs.

Expressing her happiness, Sarafina Uwimana commended Police Hospital for supporting them.


Rwanda | Ruhango Residents

Rwanda | Ruhango: Residents claim, allowances ruins social trainings

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Rwanda | Ruhango Residents

Rwanda Network of People living with HIV/AIDS (RNP+) training residents on violence prevention

 Like other districts that are less developed, different associations use trainings to reach their goals other than residents in Ruhango District development.

Some local leaders in Ruhango district view trainings as a way of making money instead of fulfilling the purpose of the organizations.

During the training, you hear peoples voices asking each other; “how much allowance are we getting today, isn’t the usual Rwf1000 we get?”

This is evidence that participants do not concentrate on what they are being taught but on how much transport they will collect and how to use it.

In addition, some participants do not trust the organizers saying they steal the big part of the money, which is retards the development of the residents and their country.

This was confirmed by local leaders in Ntongwe sector on August 1st 2012 when they turned up for the 2days training that was organized by RRP+.

On the first day, each participant got Rwf1000 which they demanded an increase on 2nd day. The organizers decided to add more Rwf1000 when some participants had left the place in anger and were called back.

However, some did not come back and were heard saying: “They should not play on our minds, do they think we cross five hills to come and get Rwf1000. We will never come back.”

Similarly, residents say some organizers attend to other personal programs making the participants wait for the whole day. What surprises is that they come in the evening to sign for their transport money.

Residents explain their development has become an umbrella for embezzling organizations money. It’s for that matter that residents no longer see value in trainings but a money ground for organizers.


Rwanda | Gakenke town master

Rwanda : Gakenke town master plan set in place

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Rwanda | Gakenke town masterThe Advisory council of Gakenke District has set a town master plan following a meeting on the 7th.Aug.2012 where it decided to bring basic infrastructure services like water and electricity to the town to enable quick building and development of the area.

Gakenke town is made of 11 villages 7 of which are in Gakenke sector and 4 from Nemba sector according to the new master plan of the town.

Since Gakenke town is chaotic due to bad buildings that make it, every person’s contribution is needed to develop it and make it better as Zephyrin Ntakirutimana the vice mayor for social affairs of Gakenke district said.

The district planned Rwf38million to be used during expropriation period to clear land in this town and these plots will be sold at agreed price and the money be taken back to the district account. In this town there are a few nice residential houses and at least one storied commercial house and others are slums and old houses.

Many people are not sure how this town will be developed as people who get rich decide to build in already developed cities like Kigali city or Musanze town.

Hindiro sector eradicates

Rwanda | Ngororero: Hindiro sector eradicates malnutrition

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Although Hindiro is one of 13 sectors that make Ngororero district and the poorest of all, residents come first in fighting against malnutrition.

Athanase Sebyenda in charge of social affairs denote the residents have rose to fight malnutrition through teaching residents how to prepare balanced diet, growing vegetables and not waiting upon help.

Hindiro sector eradicates

According to nutritionists at Kabaya and Muhororo hospitals in Ngororero district, Hindiro has the lowest number of malnourished

Sebyenda asserts this sector had 8 malnourished children who were 8 in the beginning of 2012 but only two are not yet cured while the 6 are in phase one and two and greatly improving as according to the reports of community health workers.

Sebyenda explains that according to how poor Hindiro residents are and how active they embrace different programs meant for them, social and economic development would be attained if other residents follow their example.

He adds that even school children from Hindiro sector perform well academically compared to other sectors of Ngororero district which gives hope for a better future of the place.






Some of the residents in Kibungo town have been given one week to demolish houses they built illegally before Ngoma District Authorities take action.

Rwanda | Ngoma: Kibungo town residents ordered to demolish houses

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Some of the residents in Kibungo town have been given one week to demolish houses they built illegally before Ngoma District Authorities take action.

Some of the residents in Kibungo town have been given one week to demolish houses they built illegally before Ngoma District Authorities take action.

This is meant for residents of Kibungo sector and some part of Remera sector who were warned by the district administration over using non burnt bricks in building but preceded with their idea.


This was resolved during the meeting of Eastern Province administration and Ngoma district authorities that was held on 1st August 2012.

However, residents in question ask district authorities to give them shelter where they can be staying after their houses are destroyed as they have nowhere else to go.


One resident narrates: “We admit the mistake but we have nowhere else to go. Should we demolish these houses and sleep outside? They should give us a place to live in.”


Alexis Rugaju, in charge of district development in Eastern Province revealed to the media that the resolution is aimed at eradicating illegal buildings that do not match vision 2020 expectations.


Rugaju asserts: “Building against the law is prohibited and sensitization continues.”






A variety of colourful flowers makes a difference

Rwanda : Taking care of your garden

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A variety of colourful flowers makes a difference

A variety of colourful flowers makes a difference

A house’s garden is only as good as the soil in which it is planted. If you take good care of the soil, then the flowers and plants that spring from the soil will also be healthy. As such, we need to add proper water and nutrients to the soil to make it look good and also produce good springs from it.

We need to add flowers with bold colors which are always a great component to any home garden. There are many different types of flowers that can be added to a garden’s mix and all of them have their own unique value. However, brightly colored flowers have much special appeal.  They can make any environment that they are in cheerful and lovely .This will make your home very inviting to everyone.

You will need to keep weeds out of your gardens just as you wish the best and the brightest flowers to remain in there. Weeds can harm the plants and the flowers that are in the garden and also undermine the visual value of your garden. That is why it is always critical to always look out for any of the weeds and do eliminate them as the come up.

The next thing that you will look at is the pests which will have to go. Just as weeds are not needed in your garden, so are pests such as insects. They can all wreck havoc on a garden. When you spot them, make sure you take the proper steps to evict them! If a pesticide you bought doesn’t work, you will probably need to call a professional to come and help you with the pests.

Now that all is done, adding fertilizer at regular intervals will be needed as well. This will provide any benefits to the plants and flowers in the garden. As a result, your garden will remain healthy and alive.

Remember if you follow all the above, your garden will be safe, secure, healthy, and appealing. You will have the best of gardens that you have always dreamed of.