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The rainy season is back, beware of landslides

Posted on 25 February 2014


During rainy season, some parts of the country experience cases of landslide and flooding.

Most of those affected place are areas demarcated as ‘high risk zones’ such as wetlands and hills.

For the last couple of years, the government of Rwanda started a life-saving initiative to relocate families residing in these dangerous zones, to safer zones.

Public awareness and supporting of the vulnerable families living in these zones has been conducted.

Districts have also moved to allocate safer zones where such families can relocate too. However, it is unfortunate that until now, there are families that still reside in these dangerous places, putting their lives and those of the dependents at stake.

On February 23, four children aged between two and eight years, died when a cliff covered the house they were in Shyorongi sector of Rulindo District.

Three others were rescued and evacuated for treatment. Investigations indicate that the house was located in a high risk zone in Rutonde cell. It’s so unfortunate that lives are still lost, even when they can be saved.

We cannot afford to lose the major resource. Let’s be dignified Rwandans by saving our lives to safer zones. If you have no enough knowledge on the safer zones, ask local authorities in the area to help you. Your life is in danger while still residing in these risky zones.

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